Michael McNeill::Bio

Pianist Michael McNeill has cultivated a personal style that has found a home in contexts both mainstream and avant-garde, from the ethereal chamber-jazz sounds of resAUnance, to the post-bop energy of Kelly Bucheger's What Would Mingus Do?, and in his own music for his trio with veteran improvisers Ken Filiano (bass) and Phil Haynes (drums) and for the Buffalo Jazz Octet. His two CDs with Filiano and Haynes have drawn praise from critics in the US and abroad, who note that the band plays “thoughtful... interactive music that is seriously playful” (StepTempest), “brimming with intelligence and passion” (AllAboutJazz.com), and that the trio “has much to offer not only to jazz or classical music, but music as a whole” (Music On The Run, Brazil). The recent debut albums of resAUnance and the Buffalo Jazz Octet have also been well-received by critics: resAUnance's Migration made critic Budd Kopman's “Best Releases of 2016” list, while Tom Hull graded the Buffalo Jazz Octet's PausaLive an A-, calling the band “a remarkable large free jazz ensemble, with … brisk and energetic group improv that never breaks down.

Other projects and collaborations have included concerts with Dave Ballou, Juini Booth, Joe Ford, Taylor Ho Bynum, Drew Gress, Charlie Kohlhase, Paul Smoker, and David Taylor. McNeill served as pianist and arranger on vocalist Mari McNeil's 2014 release Here Beneath The Blue and can be heard as a sideperson on Kelly Bucheger's 2012 CD House of Relics as well as four albums (1, 2, 3, 4) by percussionist Ravi Padmanabha. A trio recording with bassist Danny Ziemann and drummer John Bacon will feature compositions of Thelonious Monk.

Also active in classical music, McNeill was a founding member of the Wooden Cities New Music Collective and the Buffalo Bach Project.

Among the many musicians I've worked with professionally: Nasar Abadey, David Adamczyk, Sabu Adeyola, Susan Alcorn, Russ Algera, Aaron Allen, John Allen, John Anderson, Sarah Aranella, Dave Arenius, Katie Ashwill, John Bacon, Steve Baczkowski, Dave Ballou, Daniel Bassin, Brad Batz, John Beck, Derrick Becker, Abinnet Berhanu, Aaron Binder, David Bixler, Juini Booth, T.J. Borden, Ringo Brill, V.J. Brown, Chris Brydge, Kelly Bucheger, Jeff Campbell, Ryan Campbell, Russ Carere, Jr., Russ Carere, Sr., Matt Carr, Roger Carroll, Art Carvajal, Lawrence Cheeley, Scott Clark, Tim Clarke, Bryan Connolly, Bill Conroy, Franco Corso, Evan Courtin, Marc Cousins, Christopher Culp, John Curry, Becky Davis, Brian DeJesus, Dave Dewitt, Phil DiRe, Kevin Doyle, Doug Dreishpoon, Andrew Drury, Daniel Dufour, Daniel Durham, Aaron Easley, Kendall Eddy, Katie Ernst, Bud Fadale, Sean Farias, Rusty Farmer, Matt Felski, Ken Filiano, Mark Filsinger, Brendan Fitzgerald, Rick Fleming, Christine Ford, Andrew Friedrich, Tomo Fujiwara, Kevin Gaines, James Gates, Toby Gillie, Alex Glenfield, Jonathan Golove, Jacob Gotlib, Drew Gress, Peter Griesinger, Esin Gunduz, Russell Haight, Matt Hall, Mary Halvorson, Mark Harris, Matt Harris, Victor Haskins, Tarik Hassan, John Hasselback Jr., Michael Hawkins, Ethan Hayden, Phil Haynes, Nathan Heidelberger, Anthony Henry, Tony Hiler, Taylor Ho Bynum, Jim Hobbs, Joe Hochulski, Lindsey Holland, Liz Holland, Rick Holland, Matt Honor, Tsuyoshi Honjo, James Horbett, Adam Hopkins, Brennan Howell, Jason Jenkins, Chris Johansen, Randy Johnston, Bruce Johnstone, Emre Kartari, Mike Kaupa, Cameron Kayne, David Kayne, Bea Kelly, Grant King, Elliott Kirby, Ed Klavoon, Jon Klekman, Charlie Kohlhase, Tom Kolor, Larry Kukers, Jack Kulp, Megan Kyle, Aaron Lack, Jon Lehning, Ben Levitt, Maria Lindsey, Jerry Livingston, Ron LoCurto, Joanne Lorenzo, Bill Lowe, Dana Marcine, Andrew Mark, James "Pappy" Martin, Miki Matsuki, Paul McArdle, Alexandra McArthur, Eoghan McCloskey, Carol McLaughlin, Austin McMahon, Mary McMahon, Mari McNeil, Michael Melinger, Zane Merritt, Matt Michaud, Richard Mikel, Bobby Militello, Bob Miller, Anne Mitchell, Janice Mitchell, Aaron Mitter, Francisco Molina, Mike Montalbano, Milan Moorman, Mike Moser, Rich Mossman, Chris Murtha, Stephanie Nakasian, Jon Nelson, Jeffrey Olson, Rin Ozaki, Aneal Padmanabha, Naryan Padmanabha, Ravi Padmanabha, Sam Pankey, Sean Pentland, Ryan Persaud, David Phillips, Greg Piontek, Jordan Ponzi, Joel Press, Shelly Purdy, Abdul-Rahman Qadir, Jason Rafalak, Nola Ranallo, Nelson Rivera, Kelly Roberge, Derek Rodrigues, Kelly Rossum, Bob Sabourin, Alec Safy, Michael Sapienza, Dave Savine, Dave Schiavone, Roger Schlee, Steve Schwelling, Miranda Scoma, Elliot Scozzaro, Jonathan Serrano, Molly Shambo, Kelly Shepard, Kevin Simpson, Phil Sims, Michael Sinicropi, Beverly Smoker, Paul Smoker, Gabriel Solomon, Alec Spiegelman, Lana Stafford, Nelson Starr, Timothy Sullivan, Brian Sulser, David Taylor, Karen Tennison, Ben Thomas, Jared Tinkham, John Troy, Mike Troy, Adam Unsworth, Zack Varner, Darryl Washington, Andy Weinzler, John Werick, Katie Weissman, Billy Williams, Kim Williamson, Eddie Willis, Woody Witt, Marleen Wittnauer, Tony Zambito, Danny Ziemann, and probably a bunch of great ones I'm forgetting. Special thanks to the fine folks at Pausa Art House, Hallwalls, and The Bop Shop.